This was one of the most enjoyable jobs that I’ve had in a while.  This house belongs to friends of mine, that I’ve known most of my life.  I drive by this house everyday and it’s located in a great country setting with acreage, beautiful landscaping, barns and pasture.  There is a great community spirit in this area and when the home owners called to have me come stage it, there was no hesitation on my part.  They love antiques and have a great deal of collections and most of them are on display, as you can see in this before photo.  Although having their belongings surround them makes this house their home,  these smart homeowners knew that this style of decor would not appeal to everyone and knew that changes needed to be made. 
Large rooms such as this, can be intimidating for a buyer to imagine how to decorate and arrange furniture. Once most of the furniture and extra accessories were removed, we set this room up with different sections.  As you can see in the after photo, there is a entertainment area, a game table area and a reading nook, that would make a great place for a piano or music area.  It’s a family room in the truest since.  Family members can all be in the same room, participating in different activities and still be together. 

Reading Nook

Do  you recognize any of the furniture in the after photo? (Hint: 4 chairs)
Stay tuned for my next blog on other rooms in this beautiful country house.