Before After Home Staging Photos

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Posting pics and blogging are not really my passion, but one must do what one must do to stay in business.  Just to keep you interested I will post some before and after photos and keep the commentary to a minimum.  Please bare with me and hopefully I can come back later and add comments.  Hope you enjoy and that these will inspire you to create a beautiful home for yourself, using what you have to decorate or stage to sell.  You can always give me a call if you get lost and need help.


Lake Spivey

Below is a beautiful place on Lake Spivey in Jonesboro that had been on the market for 9 months without many showings and no offers.  This agent brought is in and the owner hired us to choose neutral colors and stage with furnishings and accessories.  It had a contract within 3 months after staging.



Builders Sales Centers

Smart Builders will usually complete a home and use it as a sales center so buyers can see an example of the builders work and use part of the house (garage, office, etc) as a place to have sample boards of different finishes for counter tops, flooring, stone finishes, etc.

This builder had 2 sales centers that he wanted staged so a buyer could see the size of the rooms and get emotionally excited about how their house could be.  Mission accomplished.  In just a short amount of time, the builder had built out all of his vacant lots and placed the “sales center” homes under contract.

Here are some before and after photos. Notice how much more inviting a room is when it’s properly staged.

IMG_0330 08-IMG_0396


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Grant Park Atlanta

This is a cute house located in the Historic District of Grant Park just down the street from the Atlanta Zoo, The Atlanta Police Mounted Patrol Barn and around the corner from Turner Field.  The owner updated baths and kitchen, repainted walls in a neutral shade as well as adding neutral carpet.

Here are some more shots of before and after of Cherokee Ave.


980 Cherokee HD055

There is a fine line between removing the sellers personality and adding personal touches that complement the property. Special touches like a basket full of baseballs and movie art helps explain the use of the room and helps support the local area entertainment choices. Turner Field is just around the corner and think of all the baseball games that can be enjoyed in such a space.

Willowdale in Decatur

This cute house is in an area of Decatur that is coming back to it’s glory. These investors updated key components while leaving some of the original character of the house.  Knotty pine cabinets remained while the counter tops were updated with granite and under-mount sink.  The original tiled bathrooms remained and we worked with the colors.  Again, we work with what you have!


Creekwood Trail home with a few of the sellers pieces of furniture, rental furniture and accessories from Southern Staging & Redesign.  I’m a work with what you have kinda gal!

 Waterwood Bend Under Contract in 3 days After Going On Market



Vacant Torrey Pines had been on the market for 1 year.  It sold in 5 days after staging.

More Torrey Pines


Sold in 1 day after going on Market…Full Price!


There are no before photos of this house due to construction, however after staging it in a beachy cottage theme, it sold in 1 day of going into MLS!  Full Price!

Morallion Hills

Before:  The below featured house had been on the market for 328 days with no offers.

After: Once it was professionally staged with furnishings and accessories,  it sold in 8 days and the seller was able to INCREASE his price!  Vacant homes can’t get this type of result!



Before: Hodgepodge furnishings, heavy window treatments, sterile wall colors and family photos are a big no-no when selling your house.

After: Warming up the walls with paint, editing furniture & personal belongings go a long way into making this room appeal to more buyers.

Before: Color is so important when you are selling. Why risk having a buyer see a room in its original state?

After: Now when a buyer walks into this kitchen, they will have completely different feelings and emotions about this room.

Before: The built-in bookshelves and fireplace are the focal points that need to be highlighted.

After: Carefully placed accessories and highlighting the fireplace, enticed a buyer with the very 1st showing!

Before: What is this room? An office or a playroom? Buyers need to have rooms defined for them.

After: Proper furnishings and a warm paint choice, provides elegance and defines the room.


Before: At Southern Staging & Redesign, we take blank spaces…and leave nothing to a buyers imagination.

Southern Staging & Redesign can take a cold and sterile kitchen….and make it warm and inviting.

Before: This dining area adjoined the formal living room without a chandelier to define the area, buyers didn’t know what to do with the space.

After: After staging, a buyer will recognize the space as a dining room and can imagine their families using the space for their holiday dinners.

Before: This foyer had a dated floor that buyers couldn’t imagine how to change.

After: After staging the entrance, the flooring wasn’t that noticeable and buyers can now imagine greeting their guest in their new home.

Before: This vacant home had been on the market for over 1 year.  It looks cold and lonely.

After: After staging with furniture and accessories, a buyer purchased within 2 weeks.

Before: Vacant rooms always appear too small. Buyers didn’t think it was large enough for a master bedroom.

After: With the addition of a queen size bed and other furnishings, it’s easy to see how much space this room has to offer.


An empty and sterile breakfast room is now a cozy and friendly place to start the day.

Before: Only 10% of buyers can visualize a space as their own with the currant home owners taste and belongings in a space.

After: Now buyers can imagine themselves living in this space.

Before: Another example of camera position and online photos.

After: Better camera position and lighting can make a huge difference in MLS photos.

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