We’re Selling Fantasies Here Folks!

Fantasy of Home Ownership

Fantasy of Home Ownership


Let’s talk about The Fantasy of Home Ownership and Functional Spaces for just a minute.

Functional spaces…What are they? Think about your Laundry Rooms, the kitchen countertops, the bathroom countertops, the “drop zone”, even the closets & garage those are all functional spaces.

They are the work horses of our homes. They hold our belongings, clean and store our clothing & linens, they store and charge our devices and they can be a hot mess.

When you are selling your home, you are selling floor space, counter space, storage space.

Let’s use the laundry room as an example. They are usually lacking in fresh paint, and are holding piles of clean/dirty laundry, large detergent containers, the mop, broom, etc.

They are a place you want to exit as fast as you can. Is that enticing for a buyer looking at your home? NOT!

Take this functional space and make it pretty. You’re selling a fantasy here, folks! Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls, replace the broken light fixture in there (you know what I’m talking about). Clean out the detergent bottles and add some baskets or bins to hide them so they are accessible for you but camouflaged to a buyer. We want them to think this laundry space is so great that the clothes just jump in there, washes, dries, folds itself and marches to the correct designated storage space.

The same goes for the closets, garages and cabinets/vanities. These aren’t what I consider high priority when preparing a house to sell, but it is right up there next in line. We want buyers to see that your house has so much storage space that they couldn’t possibly fill it all up.  The countertops are so generous, that a buyer couldn’t run out of it with their belongings.

I call it “selling a fantasy”. Get to work sellers, sell those fantasies.

For more information on prioritizing your list of preparations to sell, contact Nan Johnston of Southern Staging and Redesign.