What I Did This Summer

Boy Oh Boy! It’s been a crazy, busy, HOT summer!  Let me show you some before and after photos of some houses that I’ve been staging…

Turned a Log Home Into a Lake Retreat

Selling a log home can be difficult. The target market for a log house is very narrow for varied reasons.  As a home stager my goal was to create a home that might appeal to buyers that haven’t considered a log home. Good example: while researching log home décor I mostly found country, cowboy and wild bear décor. There’s nothing wrong with that type décor and the buyer of this home, may  want to decorate in this style.  However, there are more buyers that might be looking for a Lake House or Private Cabin Retreat!  Let’s try to attract that buyer!

I have had two computers to crash and can’t find any of my before photos of this beautiful log home. I’ll try to explain what it was like before.  The owner did supply me with some “in between” photos that will help.

You can see in the 3 photos above that the seller sent me that they had already updated the kitchen countertops and appliances.  The  3rd bedroom was being used as an office and to hold extra furniture and had dated carpet.

After photos of Lake Retreat

Who wouldn’t want to retreat to this every weekend or at the end of a hard working day?


Cherokee Ave. Atlanta, GA

Such a cute house, just around the corner from Turner Field, down the street from the Atlanta Zoo and neighbors with The Atlanta Police Mounted Patrol Stables.