Under Contract in 3 days!

It may be difficult to justify the investment required to stage a vacant property, but empty houses usually don’t sell in 3 days after going on the market.
If you need a quick sale in order to keep the carrying costs low, then staging is the way to go. 
 Carrying costs are your monthly payments, home owners association dues, property insurance & taxes, yard maintenance, utilities and on and on.

Usually, sellers that have already relocated have these expenses x 2!  Can you imagine how quickly that can drain your resources? 

Studies show that vacant houses that are not staged prior to going on the market on average stay on the market for 9 months!

Houses that are staged prior to going on the market on average sell with in 40 days. 

This house only took 3 days to sell after going on the market.

That’s a huge relief off this sellers shoulders!

Now they can move on with their life and enjoy their new home without worrying about the expenses of carrying the previous house.

Feel free to contact us for more information about vacant staging.  It may be less expensive than you think.