Income Property Transformation

A few months back, we had a rental house that became vacant after having had a tenant for 6 years.  We had been into the property several times through out the years and always thought that it was in pretty good shape and that the tenant took good care of the house.  Boy were we wrong!
When we finally received the key from the tenant after they moved, this is what we saw when we first entered the house.  I wanted to CRY!  We’ve owned this property for approximately 25 years and never had it been in this condition.  It’s always been dark and dated, but this was  dark, dated and FILTHY!
Call it what it is….an ugly duckling!
After many weeks of hardwork, elbow grease and countless cans of paint, we now have a beautiful swan!
(Thank You Danny!)

Lowes and Sherwin Williams loved to see us coming!  Take another look at this kitchen before…
…and now after.
We are so pleased with the results of the project and now with the staging furniture and accessoires in place, we are searching for the perfect tenant. 
Who do you know that may be interested in renting this charming cottage?
Stay tuned for more before and after photos of this cute 3 bedroom house.
For more information about turning your ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, contact
Nan Johnston
770-251-0608 home/office