Beachy Cottage

*Beachy Cottage update…this house was in MLS only 1 day before it received an offer.  Other buyers were purchasing another property, saw this online and wanted to cancel their current contract to purchase this house without ever visiting the property.  Unfortunately for them, the house was already under contract.  Vacant houses can not get this kind of reaction!

Last week, I met a lady from out of state that was preparing her house in GA to sell.  The house had been a rental for several years, needed some TLC and she was in town to oversee the work. She is a Realtor and a home stager herself and had very specific ideas of what she wanted in the way of home staging.  She wanted “beachy-cottage”.  Of course, I love that look and have no problem creating it, but it’s not possible to rent beachy-cottage furniture from any rental company that I’ve ever worked with.

So I had to get to work and make it happen.

Furniture was painted….

an ugly table was repaired and painted….


Loveseats were slipcovered….

an old trunk was found, washed and shellacked….

antique chair pads were recovered….
bed linens were purchased, and the packing began….
How does the story end?
The painted furniture and bed linens transformed a bedroom…

 The ugly table, turned into a “beautiful” swan, (just go with it)…
The antique chairs were paired with the “beautiful” swan table….
and the slipcovered loveseats  joined the old shellacked trunk.

And all lived happily ever after.  The End!