Update Old Accessories With Spray Paint

Found this brass seashell planter years ago and I  never threw it away. After cleaning it with Clorox Wipes, I had to fill in some gaps with caulking before priming with Kiltz spray primer. Once the primer was dry, I added a few coats of glossy white spray paint.

At the same time I also worked on this “zinc” finished pot and wooden duck. I was so excited about finding accessories to spray paint, I forgot to take some before photos of these. Let’s just say the duck was typical duck colors, nothing wrong with that, but our house is dark and I’m ready to lighten up.  The same goes for the “zinc” like pot…DIY’ers are faux painting items to look like zinc, but it is not a look that I’ve been able to work with over the last 10 years, so white it becomes. 

We have this dark hutch that E refinished years ago and it looks great with the old and the new mixed in together.

See the “zinc” finished pot in it’s new coat of paint? It’s full of real seashells and included with all of the other white-ish accessories, really brightens up the shelves.

The old brass seashell in white with the new artichoke heart from either T.J. Maxx or Ross, looks great.  This is reduce, reuse and recycling at it’s best…don’t you agree?  Shop around your place and see what you can update with a can of spray paint.