More Before & After pics…

This beautiful vacant home had recently been updated with new flooring, countertops, paint, carpet, etc.
Rooms were lightened up with light shades of paint.
Furniture and accessories were installed to create a welcoming space.

Some furniture was left behind for us to work with… 


…and other furniture was rented to fill in the empty key rooms.



 Accessories were added to create the emotional connection points that a buyer needs in order to be able to envision this house as their own.
If you have a vacant home to sell, staging is the only way a buyer is going to be able to visualize how the space feels in a positive way. Empty rooms are confusing, cold, unwelcoming and depressing. Furnishing and accessorizing the key rooms can be the difference in a quick sale or a slow one.  Give us a call to discuss your options with your vacant house.
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Southern Staging & Redesign
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