Have You Tried “Chip It”?

Sherwin Williams has a new online tool that anyone can use to instantly turn any photo online into a color palette pulled from more than 1500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors.

Go to www.letschipit.com and they will take you through the entire process.  You can add a button to your toolbar and once you find any photo online that you want to try, click on the “chip it” button in your toolbar to activate, roll over the photo to preview then “chip it”!  A color palette will be created that you can save for future reference.

You can even use this tool on your personal photos that you’ve saved on your computer.

I tried this with some of my personal photos…the below photo is one that I took of the beautiful ocean. These colors are breathtaking to me and I find it difficult to single anyone of them out.
Now I upload this to the chip it site, click yes to their online agreement (does anyone ever read those things?) and then “chip it” and these are the results…
Now, lets try another one. 
It’s like MAGIC!  I love this tool!  Can you see if I wanted to create a new color palette for a room how amazing this would be?  Now you give it a try.  You’ll have a new addiction once you do!  Enjoy!