Another ‘Use What You Have’ Idea!

A few years ago I need some shelving in one of the small bedrooms for kids toys, etc.  The room is too small for a bed, dresser, chair and a free standing set of shelves, so hanging shelves was the way to go. 

E (husband) had some old wooden water skies ( he  used as a youngster) that were laying around, obviously not being used, since he had promoted to a fiber glass one.  I decided to use these for my shelves and with the help of my nephews, Ham & Eggs (twins) we shopped for brackets and came home and installed them. 

I think that turned out GREAT and everyone comments about my clever idea. 

These storage jars are left over plastic mixed nut containers from BJ’s.  Aren’t they just perfect for holding little cars, crayons and wooden puzzle pieces? 

Now that “Ham & Eggs” are “too cool for Aunt Nan”, this room has become my grandson’s room. 
Look at that cute little wooden “blue” fire truck that he built with his Cousin Josh.  And my favorite items of all are ….

his cute ‘lil’ cowboy boots.  LOVE IT! (singing) 

This project reminds me of the skateboards that you see in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog.  Only I would use metal L brackets to hang those up. 

What kind of projects have you got spinning around in your head?